Update @ Semper Fi

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update @ Semper Fi (1 september 2014) - happy 15th anniversary to FRVS (celebrating with some of my favorite doggett/scully FRVS episodes), "an early meeting" fanfic challenge response, new fanfic challenge "alternate universe" (4-D), news on john doggett in the season 10 comic books, and last call for submissions for the gift for RP due in two weeks, and a new HQ featured photo of john/dana http://www.doggettscully.com/

Update @ Semper Fi

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remember how last month the update was really late? well this time the update is 2 hours and 7 minutes early! http://www.doggettscully.com/ - info on how you can contribute to the gift for Robert Patrick, fanfic challenge submission (thank you, songbird!!!), august fanfic challenge: "an early meeting", RP at SDCC 2014 pictures, GA in "a streetcar named desire" pictures (not archived on site, temporary), XF S10 stuff (covers, more info on when we'll see doggett again). Enjoy the update!

details on the gift for Robert Patrick that i'll be giving him at ACCC in september: http://www.doggettscully.com/tempdwnlds/ACCC2014robertpatrick.html
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FRVS website update: http://www.doggettscully.com/frvs/ - possible series return! episode of the week (1x00 "The Pilot")

Also... hold your breath... and... wait... for... it... no guarantees but... a FRVS writers meeting has been scheduled for next Friday (21 March) concerning a series return! You all can blame the "24" season 7 featurette about how the writers struggled with writing. It made us all nostalgic for the process and considering there are ideas that have been floating around in the last (nearly) five years since FRVS ended.And with the 15 year FRVS anniversary coming up in September, it feels like the right time to sit down and see if we can make anything happen. Vote for which aspect of FRVS you'd like to see happen here on SoX! Keep checking the FRVS website for more info!


FRVS Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/725284764162054/
"Like" FRVS on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fox-Rat-Virtual-Series-FRVS/172357352804807
FRVS Forum: http://serenityofx.forummotion.com/c2-fox-rat-virtual-series


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it seems like it's been forever since i logged onto livejournal. so long that i actually had to dig up my password in my old password notebook (glad it still works). lj has changed a bit since i last got on here, looks funny now. most of the time now any of my fandom anythings are posted on facebook, and even that is rare. the 2014 sochi olympics just ended, and i kept up on my figure skating page on fb during that (and that's the most fandom active i've been anywhere in ages!). i re-discovered that i had set up a facebook group for serenity of x, started one up for SHODDS (because SHODDS is the best), and another one set up for FRVS. i post to those whenever i'm feeling nostalgic for 'the x-files' (or doggett and doggett/scully).

i didn't do much work in photoshop last year. i think all i did was two collages, a manip and three wallpapers, that was it. ouch! so far this year i have two collages and one wallpaper. hopefully more will come. i mostly still make artwork for 'the x-files' because it's the only fandom i'm part of where i know where to find screen captures for every single episode. i wish i had caps for '24', 'firefly', 'lost' and 'supernatural' so i could delve artistically into those, but i don't (and capping things for myself takes too much time and i don't have time usually so that's out of the question).

i wrote a new doggett/scully (friendship/partnership) fanfic in response to a Semper Fi fanfic challenge, it's called "Just Like Billy", check it out here.

Title: Just Like Billy

Author: Dana Doggett
Feedback: danadoggett@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.danadoggett.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dana-Doggett/141176622606825

Direct Link: http://www.danadoggett.com/fanfic/justlikebilly.txt

Date: 31 January 2014

Distribution: Semper Fi. All others please ask.

Rating: PG

Category: Doggett/Scully (partnership, friendship)

Timeline: After "Invocation"

Beta: Little Albatross

Summary: Dana Scully wonders about who John Doggett lost "just like Billy".

Author's Note: This is my response to the SHODDS 2014 "Invocation" fanfic challenge. This is the first fanfic I've written in four years, please be gentle with it, I'm rather rusty in the creative writing department.

Disclaimer: I do not own "The X-Files", Dana Scully, John Doggett, Walter Skinner, or any other characters that you recognize from "The X-Files" TV series or movies. "The X-Files" and related characters are owned by 20th Century Fox Broadcasting, and Ten-Thirteen Productions.


"You lost someone, just like Billy."

Dana Scully stands in the elevator heading up to the third floor of the J. Edgar Hoover Building. She closes her eyes and shakes her head, trying to rid her mind from hearing Sharon Pearl's words echoing over and over, days after the Underwood case in Dexter, Oklahoma came to a close. Perhaps her curiosity is due to being an expectant (worried, paranoid, concerned) mother, maybe it stems from having heard Mulder tell stories of his sister's disappearance for so many years. At best, all she can figure is that her new partner, John Doggett, lost a child "just like Billy."

read the whole story here

anyway, i hope you all are doing well. i'm doing as best as i can at the moment (as always). enjoy the new fanfic!

putting bad-talk, gossip and rumors to rest

XF - Mulder
apparently sometimes certain x-files fans still talk about me on certain forums (you know who you are). i’ve been alerted in the past when this happens (and usually my website garners visitor hits from said discussion forum when this happens). this isn’t going on currently (that i’m aware of), but i thought it’s about time that i address the bad talking that goes on in the fandom regarding how some people in the fandom believe that i actually think that mulder raped scully as canon, and that i actually think that mulder is a rapist. these are bizarre allegations and are un-true. i’ve updated my FAQs on my website to address this.

Q: I’ve read and/or been told that you hate Mulder and that you actually think he raped Scully. What’s that about?

A: Mulder was the first character on “The X-Files” that I fell in love with. I will always like Mulder even if I don’t care for how TPTB portrayed him in the later seasons. I don’t hate him. I wish that he had been more prominent in seasons 8 and especially 9 rather than that brunette chick they brought in to be Doggett’s sidekick. I wish season 9 was about Doggett and Mulder working together. I imagine if that was so that season 9 would have been a gazillion times better and a gazillion times more re-watchable.

Back in 2004 I wrote a fanfic titled "Haunted". In this story I had Mulder rape Scully, fitting the scene into season 7 to explain how Scully got pregnant. It wasn’t a violent rape, it was a both-consented-to-the-sex-and-then-Scully-changed-her-mind-and-Mulder-went-about-finishing-against-her-will rapes. Just because I wrote this as a work of fiction does NOT mean that I actually think that 1) Mulder would actually rape Scully, 2) that Mulder raped Scully, and 3) that Mulder is a rapist. If you have seen people talk about how I “believe that Mulder raped Scully” or that I believe that “Mulder is a rapist” then you should know that these people just want to find a reason to hate me because they hate me for reasons I’ll never understand and want to talk badly about me to convince other people that they should hate me too. If you have fallen for their shenanigans, I do hope by reading this that you can come to your own conclusions about me and not blindly believe the ugly-hearted and bitter ol’ X-Files fans who find sick satisfaction in talking badly about another Phile.
XF - Doggett Regret
So one of my favorite celebrities joined Twitter last week (Robert Patrick). I admit that I have never understood Twitter and its twits and twats, but I promoted the link to his account on my fansite for him. I didn't really look around at it because I'm just not interested in that kind of interaction with celebrities. About an hour ago I did take a look and though it looks like this celeb is having a good time, I'm finding it very creepy how some fans of a TV show he was on over a decade ago are behaving. It creeps me out how some online fans interact with celebrities online in places like Twitter. Now, I admit to "friending" a celeb or two over on Facebook, but I certainly do not actually interact with them often, and when I do I'm not pretending to be a real kind of friend. I find that creepy. I often times just hit "like" and move on. But what I saw for less than a minute of scrolling through this particular celeb's Twitter page just... didn't sit right with me. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to support the career of an actor that you like to watch, but shouldn't it really end there? Why is there a need or a desire to follow a celebrity online?

I've dealt with stalkers (real and online) in my past and that's probably why this online "following" of a celeb bothers me so much. You don't really know who you are interacting with online when you friend people and they friend you - ESPECIALLY if you are a celebrity. Interacting with a person who isn't entirely mentally stable could intensify any kind of delusion he/she may have towards you. The celebrity only knows his/her actual, real life friends. Online interaction with a celebrity does not make you closer to a celebrity, or their friend. But some of the interactions I saw... just kind of seemed like some of those people were like "wowie, wowie, omg omgomgomgomgomg, he's like my *friend*". That creeps me out.

I actually prefer any kind of celebrity online social networking in the forum of an official page, not necessarily run/maintained by a celebrity, but rather someone like a webmaster or spokesperson. I'm much more comfortable with hitting "like" for a celebrity than I am with friending a celebrity. To me an official page (like a Facebook page) is much less encouraging of provoking the feeling that a person is now a friend to a celebrity.

I don't know where I'm going with this, and I'm not sure I'm making myself clear. I have a friend who is - in her area of expertise - a celebrity, and I've seen what these false delusions of friendship with her made her feel. Perhaps that's another reason why I find the whole friending a celebrity thing so disturbing. Then add on having dealt with stalkers... I don't know... I'm just not supportive of this kind of online fan behaviour.

Anyway, I'm totally in a creeped-out-about-online-fans thing today. I've seen too much of creepy in my online life. Makes me want to take a good break from it all, especially X-Files fandom creepy... ESPECIALLY that.

Dana Doggett: Thoughts, Opinions, Etc.

star wars - han/leia
Originally from my danadoggett.com website.

Earlier in my life I lived overseas in Saudi Arabia and had the opportunity to travel the world. As a result of being exposed to different cultures and people I developed a better understanding of the world outside of my comfort zone, and I embraced an open-mind towards different ideas and ways of thinking. I don't hold myself to traditional or conservative values, I never have and I never will.

I believe fully that people should think for themselves, and not go along with what anyone says because they are afraid to have an opinion of their own. I believe in being true and honest with yourself and others around you. I do not tolerate people who view themselves as "elitist" in either real life or in online fandom, especially if said people believe they are royalty to those around them and behave as such. I believe that if you give crap to someone, that you well-deserve to get it back.

I do not tolerate bigotry, racism, or hatred towards other human beings (and animals... and oh all right, insects too). There's enough bitterness and darkness in the world, and I think we all can do our part to stop the spread of such negativity with a little more patience and acceptance of others who are different from us. I do not like the words "tolerance" or "tolerate" because those words imply negativity. I prefer the words "acceptance" and "accept" because those words imply a positive attitude. I believe that if most everyone in the world could learn acceptance of others that we, as a human race, would be headed towards a brighter future.

TOLERATE = to put up with | | | ACCEPT = to receive willingly

I am not a "fan" of technology. Yes, I have a website. Yes, I have e-mail. Yes, I have a Facebook account. Yes, I have a cell phone. Honestly though, sometimes I wish I didn't have an online life, and I wish my life didn't require an e-mail address, and I wish that my friends were better at communicating in person or capable of picking up a phone and calling me rather than me having to take part in the Facebook experience in order to stay in touch with friends and know what is going on in their lives. I refuse to get a smartphone. I refuse to enable texting on my flip-phone. I refuse to use my phone for anything other than that... a phone. I think technology has become too much involved in most peoples' everyday lives, and I believe that a lack of interpersonal communication with others is making the general population (ie: those addicted to their new little techological gadget) more rude and irritable. What's the fun in that?


Dana Doggett: The X-Phile

XF - Doggett Regret
Originally from my danadoggett.com website, I'm archiving it here because I'm getting ready to clean up my site and get rid of most of my "The X-Files" anythings.

The following is a post that I took time to write up for X-Files fans on the Haven discussion forum in December 2011. Apparently some fans have found it hard to believe that with my different views and opinions about "The X-Files" that I am not actually a fan of the series. I wrote this to explain to them how and why I am a fan of the series just like anyone else is on any given X-Files discussion forum. The only hope I had in posting this on that forum was to show people there that yes, I am a fan of "The X-Files" even if my opinions and preferences are different than the majority of the fandom.


I'm writing this because too many times in the past someone in the X-Files fandom makes false assumptions about me. I'm writing this because too many times someone has attempted to put words in my mouth because they think that they know me. I'm writing this because I think it's better that you understand that I do love "The X-Files" (even if there's plenty that I can criticize it for), so that all the false assumptions will stop.

What I want most for you to take away from reading the following is that first and foremost I am a fan of "The X-Files". I've been a fan since 1998 and it is my first fandom, and despite criticisms I have made, am making, or will make of the show, I still like it, and I will always be a X-Phile.

What made me tune into "The X-Files" in the first place?
The season 4 episodes "Tunguska/Terma", for a few reasons, the first reason is that with this two-part episode I learned that this show dealt with aliens, conspiracies, and unanswered questions, and wasn't afraid to put its main character in danger. The second reason is that I found Mulder and Krycek so darn attractive that I couldn't continue channel flipping (this is my "shallow" reason). The third reason is that not only was Krycek so darn hot, but he also spoke Russian, and being that I've always had a love for foreign languages since I was a child, I took to this two-part episode quite easily. This was my first real exposure to "The X-Files" series (it was in 1998 when season 4 was being rerun on the FX Network), and I loved every minute of it. So I continued watching the little XF marathon and made note of when the show was aired on FX so I could watch it again. And a little FYI... I was convinced that Mulder and Krycek were the two main leads of the show, and was slightly disappointed to discover that Mulder was FBI partner with some short red-head LOL

What makes you a fan of "The X-Files"?
I love the paranormal. I love conspiracy theories. I love the dark, creepy atmosphere of the series. I loved the dynamic between the original leads of the show. I love the addition of John Doggett in season 8 (he's the reason why I continued to watch after "Requiem"). I love that the show left so many questions unanswered. I love that because there are unanswered questions that fans are free to theorize about what is and isn't, what will be and what will not. I love that so much was left open for interpretation because that allows fans ten years on to continue to discuss this show. I love Mark Snow's music and how it added to the dark atmosphere of episodes. I love "Fight The Future". I love Mulder's season 4 hair. I love Scully's season 4 hair. I love Doggett's everything. I love the UST between Mulder and Scully in the first five seasons (and FTF). I love the chemistry between Doggett and Scully. I love the UST between Doggett and Scully. I love that Doggett fell in love with Scully and it was unrequited. I love all the episodes by Morgan & Wong. I love the quirky-ness of Darin Morgan's episodes. I love it when non-main characters (supporting characters) get a moment to shine in the spotlight and give us insight to their life and experiences (mainly thinking of Skinner in "One Breath").

The things that I love and that make me a fan of "The X-Files" are the series' government conspiracy/alien mythology. I love the feeling of paranoia, that "trust no one" aspect, I love that. I remember thinking how good an episode was going to be when names like William B. Davis, Nicholas Lea, Mimi Rogers, John Neville, Veronica Cartwright, Chris Owens, and other Syndicate related cast names would show up in the opening credits. To me, "The X-Files" was at its best when the episodes dealt with the mythology. Above everything else on the series it is the mytharc that I love the most.

Having said that there are other reasons why I love the show. I love all the characters, even the ones that I've said that I dislike, because each and every character brings another layer to the show, that in turn brings another layer to the protagonists. I love theorizing about how different characters would be like if romantically involved with any other character. I love watching the friendship and trust blossom between Doggett and Scully in the later years. I love enjoying "The X-Files" for everything that it has to offer, good and bad, because with the bad the show left enough open for creative avenues to explore and to "fix" through fanfic and artwork, or just plain old discussion with other fans.

Who is my favorite male character?
When I first started watching "The X-Files," my favorite male character was Fox Mulder. I love the guy, and I still do (excluding some very un-Mulder behaviour in the last two seasons). I defended him left and right to my sister who claimed that Krycek was better than him. I loved his quirkiness, his ability to jump to conclusions and be right, his dry humor, his hair, his body, his eyes, his voice, his sternocleidomastoid... I loved how he would go as far as he possibly could to try to learn the truth. I loved that he would do anything to help others. Mulder was at his best when he was being sympathetic to victims of crimes ("Oubliette" and "Mind's Eye" first come to mind). I love that Mulder is not afraid of the darkness in the world, and that as a profiler he is willing to go down dark paths to solve crimes ("Grotesque"). I love that he jumped onto moving trains on a hunch. I love that he started out all cocky with Scully and grew to trust only her (and sometimes Skinner).

Eventually time passed on the series and Duchovny's portrayal (or perhaps the writers are at fault here) of Mulder just was not good anymore. Yes, I cried when Mulder was abducted at the end of "Requiem". I cried because my favorite character was gone. I cried because I had made the decision to not watch "The X-Files" without Mulder, because gosh darn it all to heck, Mulder is *THE* main character on the show. "The X-Files," IMO right after "Requiem" aired, was about Mulder, how dare they continue on without him? I cried when "Requiem" ended because I seriously thought that I would never watch the series again... I was wrong.

On July 21, 2000 I found out that Robert Patrick would be joining the cast of "The X-Files" in its 8th season. I've been a fan of Robert's since seeing T2 in 1991, so he, Robert Patrick, is the sole reason why I even continued watching the series in its 8th season (and 9th), and as a result my favorite male character switched from Fox Mulder to John Doggett.

John Doggett continues to be my absolute favorite male character of "The X-Files." I love that he brought life back into a show that I felt was losing steam in its 7th season. I love that he was assigned to the X-Files division without wanting to be given that assignment. I love that despite not wanting to work the X-Files that he approached every case equally, and with the desire to successfully solve the crime/case. I love that he has a cop's approach to investigating cases. I love that unlike Mulder he didn't easily believe in "mumbo jumbo" and accept paranormal as an acceptable conclusion to a case. I love that he is like Scully in many ways, and that his background mirrors hers in some ways. I love that (like Mulder) he is willing to bend/break the law in order to get the job done - this goes against most fans' initial impression of the man. I love that despite his hard exterior that he's sensitive and emotional, and knows how to keep that in check. I love his passion for wanting to help others. I love how he, as Scully's new partner, took on a protector role in her life (despite how hard Scully tried to push him away). I love how he's loyal, noble, honorable, honest, by-the-books, respectful towards others, how he's confident, mature, intense, and of course he's just so incredibly sexy - it's in his swagger, it's in his eyes, his body build. He's just, for me, the epitome of what the ideal man should be.

Who is my favorite female character?
Since Carter & Co. really didn't write women all that much, I have to go with Dana Scully on this one. What draws me to Scully is how strong and independent she used to be. She was the perfect role model for young girls and women back in the day (I'll be honest and say that I think this dissolved later on in the series, but I won't go into why because I think we've been there, done that before). I loved how Scully was always just a few seconds too late to see something paranormal that could have changed her mind to become a believer. I love that she was strong enough to go against her father and follow her dream to be in the FBI. I love that she was assigned to the X-Files to debunk Mulder's work and came to be one of Mulder's strongest allies. I love that she approaches investigations as a scientist, wanting to explain the strange and unusual she sees, and not just accept it because it's happening before her eyes. I love that despite trying her best to push people away and trying to have a tough exterior that she does have a vulnerable side, and is emotional. I love how she is concerned about others, and how she tries to be by-the-books as best as she can with Mulder (but follows him most of the time when he goes off radar). IMO, Dana Scully is the heart and soul of "The X-Files." I know a lot of people think that the series is about Mulder, but I think the series is more about Scully's journey as she was the main character that changed the most over the timespan of the series. She went from skeptic to believer, she went from wanting to be in the FBI to not wanting to be involved in the FBI. In story the characters with an arc that fully develops him/her over the course of time are the main character, to me on "The X-Files," this is Scully.

What is my favorite (romantic) relationship pairing?
Doggett/Scully, hands down my absolute favorite relationship pairing. I like the Doggett/Scully relationship because of the potential that it had that was unexplored on "The X-Files" series. Through season 8 and season 9 TPTB showed us enough little moments (and sometimes not so little moments) between Doggett and Scully that told me that *if* Mulder had never returned and the show had continued they would have developed a relationship between Doggett and Scully. Doggett treats Scully so well, and with respect. He's loyal to her, faithful, trustworthy, and he loves her. By the end of season 9 we even get hints that Scully cares very deeply for Doggett too, if not that then she too has fallen in love with him. I love the DSR because it was intended, but was left nearly unexplored. Doggett/Scully is all about potential, the subtle moments and the never ending possibilities between the two characters if circumstances had been different. I love their chemistry, it's different than that of Mulder/Scully, but it sparks just the same. Plus... he's hot, she's hot, they'd be hot together ♥

And now some other random XF information about myself without elaborations...

Favorite Season: Season 4
Least Favorite Season: Season 9
Three Favorite Episodes: Musings of a CSM, The Unnatural, Amor Fati

Most Favorite Character: John Doggett
Least Favorite Character(s): Monica Reyes, Leyla Harrison, Baby William
Favorite Syndicate Member: Cigarette-Smoking Man, Well-Manicured Man, Alex Krycek, Marita Covarrubias
Favorite Movie: Fight The Future

My Favorite MOTW Episodes By Season:

Season 1: Squeeze, Shadows, Beyond The Sea, Tooms
Season 2: Sleepless, 3, Die Hand Die Verletzt, Død Kalm, Humbug, The Calusari
Season 3: Oubliette, War of the Coprophages, Grotesque, Pusher, José Chung's 'From Outer Space'
Season 4: Home, Unruhe, The Field Where I Died, Paper Hearts, Never Again, Small Potatoes, Elegy
Season 5: Unusual Suspects, Detour, Bad Blood, Mind's Eye, The Pine Bluff Variant, Folie A Deux
Season 6: Drive, Tithonus, Monday, The Unnatural, Field Trip
Season 7: Rush, Orison, X-Cops, Je Souhaite
Season 8: Roadrunners, Invocation, Redrum, Via Negativa, Medusa, Empedocles
Season 9: Dæmonicus, 4-D, John Doe, Underneath

My Favorite Mytharc Episodes By Season:

Season 1: Ice, Fallen Angel, E.B.E.
Season 2: Little Green Men, Duane Barry/Ascension/One Breath, Colony/End Game
Season 3: Nisei/731, Piper Maru/Apocrypha
Season 4: Musings of a CSM, Tunguska/Terma, Memento Mori, Zero-Sum, Demons, Gethsemane
Season 5: Redux/Redux II, Christmas Carol, Travelers
Season 6: S.R. 819, Two Fathers/One Son, Biogenesis
Season 7: The 6th Extinction/Amor Fati, Closure, En Ami
Season 8: Within/Without, Vienen
Season 9: n/a

Episodes I Will Never Watch Again By Season:

Season 1: Space, Miracle Man
Season 2: The Host, Red Museum, Irresistible
Season 3: Syzygy
Season 4: Herrenvolk
Season 5: The Post-Modern Prometheus
Season 6: Milagro
Season 7: Millennium, First Person Shooter, all things, Fight Club
Season 8: n/a
Season 9: Trust No 1, Improbable, William, The Truth

I hope that this post has helped you gain some insight about me as a fan of "The X-Files." Thank you for reading.
Madonna - 'Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus' Live at Paris Olympia 2012

Je t'aime je t'aime, oh oui je t'aime
Moi non plus
Oh mon amour
Comme la vague irrésolue
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Je t'aime je t'aime, oh oui je t'aime
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Oh mon amour, tu es la vague, moi l'île nue
Tu vas, tu vas et tu viens entre mes reins
Tu vas et tu viens entre mes reins et je te rejoins

Je t'aime je t'aime, oh oui je t'aime
Moi non plus
Oh mon amour
Comme la vague irrésolue
Je vais, je vais et je viens entre tes reins
Je vais et je viens entre tes reins et je me retiens

Tu vas, tu vas et tu viens entre mes reins
Tu vas et tu viens entre mes reins et je te rejoins

Je t'aime je t'aime, oh oui je t'aime
Moi non plus
Oh mon amour
L'amour physique est sans issue
Je vais je vais et je viens entre tes reins
Je vais et je viens, je me retiens
Non ! Maintenant viens.



“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you've come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” - Madonna

"Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself." - Doris Lessing

"As I've gotten older and grown more independent, I think for myself, and that's how it should be." - Michelle Kwan

"... And say just one extra time that you love the person who lives with you. Just say, 'I love you.' It's so great." - Ekatarina Gordeeva

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